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Having a website is not sufficient enough to create an impact online. Social networking, increased use of mobile & excessive use of various digital channels, are just a few of the factors reshaping customer interaction & how to use marketing channels in order to reach them.

Businesses today need to be more focused on driving growth and maintaining the operational efficiencies at the same time. Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have higher expectations from the organizations. At Ceresphere Consulting we believe in building an online marketing strategy for our partners with the foundation of driving measurable results. Identifying who your customers are & what they are doing online, along with how your competitors are using the online channels results in devising the optimum digital plan. Our omni-channel approach on online marketing provides our partners with user visits, acquisitions, transactions & repeat traffic.


- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Content

- Social Media

- Search Engine

- Paid

- Performance

- Email

- Video

- Affiliate

- Influencer

- Podcast

- Online PR

- Online Market Places

Unleash the power of internet

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