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Effective Online Marketing Channels

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Being new to digital marketing can be confusing & with a number of different online marketing channels available it is important to have the right channel mix that fit your business and helps you drive the required traction. Here are some of the common & result oriented channels which will help in your marketing efforts:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is the process which helps you as a business owner to improve the visibility of your website when anyone searches for products or services being offered by you on search engines including Google, Bing, etc. Being featured in the first page of the search result is of utmost importance as the same helps in increased site visits with high probability of conversions. SEO is a long-drawn process & requires patience, but if implemented properly reaps immense value in long term business growth.


Content Marketing – “Content is King”. Creating & sharing valuable content to your target audience helps in building credibility of your brand along with attracting more customers & increasing sales. Developing original content & making it available for free to your prospective customers gives you an edge over your competition.


Social Media Marketing – is one of the most important channels as more than 4.6 billion users on the internet use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin among others. Social Media channels helps the business not only in sharing useful information, but more importantly creates an engagement factor & builds relationship with the users.


Video Marketing – With the rise & popularity of social media, video format is one of the most popular content forms helping the businesses drive traffic & increase sales. From short clips to long video formats, businesses are now able to put forth more value in their communication.


Email Marketing – to Subscribed users has always been one of the effective ways to send regular information about the product, services, new launches, etc & drive sales especially for online retailers. Periodic emailers to your customer help in educating the value of your brand along with keeping them engaged. Being one of the direct marketing channels, emails help in personalised messages and content to your users.


Paid Advertisement – Search Engine Marketing, Display Ads are some of the paid advertisement options which helps businesses in increased website traffic & driving revenues. Paid marketing is one of the effective ways to reach a large audience inorganically & quickly. Pay per click (PPC), Pay per acquisition and retargeting are some of the forms of paid advertising.


Affiliate Marketing – is gaining traction wherein you tie up with a partner who is willing to promote & sell your products/services and expects a commission on successful sale. Being performance drive, affiliate marketing is one important channel which should be incorporated in your marketing mix wherever possible.


Influencer Marketing – is a part of social media marketing involving individuals with dedicated social following on channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Influencers help businesses by endorsing their products/services which in turn helps in influencing the followers towards purchase.


Podcast Marketing - a strategy of promoting and selling products/services through audio content. Podcast marketing helps reach new audiences, allowing brands to tell its story on-the-go, anywhere at any time. This helps establish authority in the industry and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.


Online PR – also known as Digital Public Relations helps increase awareness of the brand using different online channels. Even though Online PR is similar to traditional PR, the opportunity provided here is much more as it allows the brand to reach a much larger audience which sometimes is not possible through offline channels.


Online Market Places – For businesses who are into online retailing, online market places like Amazon, Flipkart, etc helps in discovery of your products to a larger audience. The commission being paid to these marketplaces can be looked at as marketing spends to acquire customers.


I hope this article helps you towards understanding different Digital Marketing Channels. For any guidance you can contact us & we will be happy to assist. With the business dynamics changing rapidly in today’s world, every business, be it small or big needs to have an online presence and be a part of the global digitization. A start-up, SME running a brick & mortar business or an entity with established footprints in the online domain, all need to survive in this cut-throat competitive business world. It is apparent that we look at new strategies & ideas on how we can use the power of the Online World. Ceresphere Consulting focuses on setting this stage for your online presence & more importantly on the growth of your business digitally. Contact us for assistance in the Digital space.


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