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With the business dynamics changing rapidly in today’s world, every business, be it small or big, needs to have an online presence and be a part of the global digitization. Are you a start-up, running a Brick & Mortar business, already established your footprints in the online domain? In order to survive in the cut-throat competitive business world, it is apparent that you look at new strategies & ideas on how you can use the power of the Online World. Ceresphere Consulting focuses on setting this stage for your Online presence & more importantly focuses on the growth of your business Online.

"Your website is your digital address"




Whether you are running your “Existing online business”, or currently operating in a “Brick & Mortar” environment & looking at venturing into, or enhancing your online presence in order to expand your business using the power of web, our Online Business  will create the perfect platform for your business & take care of your needs.


We study your Existing business, understand your product/service offerings, customers being catered to, markets being served, your online presence & threats by your competition; and assist you with an online business strategy which includes:


"Brand Strategy"  --  "Website Designing & Optimization"  --  "Digital Marketing"

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Online Product 


Having a presence in the online domain entails a responsive website which is platform agnostic, be it static, dynamic, transactional or eCommerce. Every website / mobile site / mobile app is unique in itself & hence we at Ceresphere Consulting strive to understand your brand, product/services, target market, revenue models & customers before the product is developed. 


After a through research & analysis we craft our product recommendations pertaining to the product structure, features, functionalities & user experience to suit your business requirements. 


Your website is your digital address & the first touch point for your potential customers browsing online. 


Formulation of the right responsive static / dynamic / e Commerce website / mobile site structure & design, with the relevant content & placeholders in the right spots, is the key to easy browsing of the information & maximization of relevant enquiries / transactions.

Website Architecture

Search Engine Optimization

Responsive Design

Content Management

"Having a website is not sufficient to create an impact online"




Businesses today need to be more focused on driving growth and maintaining the operational efficiencies at the same time. Having a website is not sufficient enough to create an impact online. Social networking, increased use of mobile & excessive use of various digital channels, are just a few of the factors reshaping customer interaction & marketing services. Customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and have higher expectations of organizations. 

 At Ceresphere Consulting we believe in building an online marketing strategy for our partners with the foundation of driving measurable results. Identifying who your customers are & what they are doing online, along with how your competitors are using the online channels results in devising the optimum digital plan. Our omni-channel approach (Website optimization - SEO, Search - SEM, Display-Networks, Content, Social Media - SMM, Video, Mobile, etc.) on online marketing provides our partners with repeat visitor traffic, customer brand loyalty & increased conversions.

Any brick & mortar company has the potential to sell its products / services online"


Any brick & mortar company has the potential to sell its products / services online and increase the revenues. Conducting commerce over the web not only demands your own e commerce website, but also necessitates use of existing e Commerce market-places as marketing & transactional channels. 


Ceresphere Consulting after understanding your business crafts & executes the optimum e commerce solution, enabling not just domestic sales, but also cross-border transactions. 

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