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Face for Radio – What is Podcast Marketing?

When we think about Digital Marketing, the most common channels which come to our minds are Google search, social media, eMailers, etc, with Podcast rarely in the list. Why is this so? Is it because people are more visually driven while consuming the content on the internet? Well, the truth is ‘People are listening’.

Your voice can actually be a great tool to reach out to a captive audience by creating value for the listeners & ultimately help in building your brand credibility. Being a Radio on Demand platform, podcast is a great tool to not just let the audience hear what you have to say, but also involves emotions attached to your words. Being pre-recorded, podcast provides a convenient way to access your content on demand and proves to be a great marketing tool for the brands. Companies gain through this content type as it allows them to tell a story, educate the consumers & come out as an authority in their industry.

With the changing lifestyle wherein almost, everyone has a smart phone, the users spend a major amount of time on the smart phone looking at content. Podcast turns out to be a great alternative to cut out this screen time, yet continue to either get educated or entertained. Hence as a brand, you need to think strategically on the series of content to be created which can hook the user for a longer duration of time.

So how do you use podcast to promote your brand?

  1. Develop content which is educational, on current trends/topics or something on the lighter side which helps the user to either gain knowledge, update themselves or take a break for some entertainment.

  2. Get the users engaged by asking them for their thoughts on a specific topic of discussion & leaving their feedback.

  3. The free content which you create can help you position as an industry expert helps in the long run, in terms of building your brand credibility & ultimately positioning you as an authority in the domain.

  4. The content created can be converted into blogs by providing a transcript for the benefit of those who still look forward to reading rather than listening.

  5. Break up your content into multiple episodes rather than making it a long one.

  6. Put up your podcasts on your website, social media channels, other podcast hosting platforms to gain a wider reach.

  7. Be consistent in creating your content and schedule it properly for the users benefit.


Now that you have a sense of how Podcast works, get going with releasing your first podcast. With the business dynamics changing rapidly in today’s world, every business, be it small or big needs to have an online presence and be a part of the global digitization. A start-up, SME running a brick & mortar business or an entity with established footprints in the online domain, all need to survive in this cut-throat competitive business world. It is apparent that we look at new strategies & ideas on how we can use the power of the Online World. Ceresphere Consulting focuses on setting this stage for your online presence & more importantly on the growth of your business digitally. Contact us for assistance in the Digital space.


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