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World without Internet

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Can you imagine a world without internet? Billions of individuals across the globe are connected to each other & this has been possible only due to the internet, making it one of the core pillars of the modern information society. After the internet was introduced in 1991, the world adopted to it very swiftly with more and more people incorporating the online world in their daily lives. As of April 2022, there were five billion internet users worldwide, which is 63 percent of the global population. Of this total, 4.65 billion were social media users.

Growth of Internet Users Worldwide (2012-2022)

Being an integral part of every aspect of our lives, the internet has played a pivotal role especially in the times of CVOID allowing us to maintain some sense of normalcy. Online tools allowed businesses to operate remotely, for some it provided a channel to keep in touch or be entertained; COVID simply accelerated the usage of the medium to the next level. Today internet is not just about plain communication through emails, but encompasses information, video calling, networking, social interactions, instant gratifications, remote working, education, news & shopping amongst others.

The top three reasons individuals around the world use internet include information, communication & entertainment:

  • More than 61% individuals use the internet to find information

  • Around 55.2% use the internet to stay in touch with family/friends through social media

  • 53.1% users use the internet to keep up to date with news & events

  • 51.5% of global population use internet to watch videos, movies, TV shows

  • 45.8% of users listen to music online

  • 42.3% use internet for education & study related purposes

  • 45.8% research products & brands online

With the number of internet users increasing on a daily basis around the globe, it is a no-brainer that if you are a business, you need to be functioning online & internet is the best place to be marketing your business as well. There is no doubt that internet with its immense wealth of information & tools provide us with plethora of possibilities, but with so many options to conduct your business online or to market your business, how do you decide on the questions ‘how’, ‘when’, ‘where’…! A lot of business owners are aware that digital marketing is very crucial for the growth, but many still don’t know where to start & delay the process. Some of the ways in which digital marketing can help businesses include:

  • Create brand awareness by creating your presence online & also making it easy for people to find you & trust you

  • Gain wider reach by building your brand not just locally, but also internationally

  • Be Cost effective in comparison to conventional advertising

  • Increase revenue & ROI by running campaign which are measurable

Having your business operations online along with marketing your business online is now the growth engine for all the companies across sectors. It is important that businesses approach online marketing in an integrated manner through a proper mix of Search Engine Marketing (SEO), Content Marketing, Social Media marketing, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Advertisement, Affiliate Marketing, Marketing Automation, Mobile Marketing & Online PR among other channels.


I hope this article helps you in your search for information on Internet. With the business dynamics changing rapidly in today’s world, every business, be it small or big needs to have an online presence and be a part of the global digitization. A start-up, SME running a brick & mortar business or an entity with established footprints in the online domain, all need to survive in this cut-throat competitive business world. It is apparent that we look at new strategies & ideas on how we can use the power of the Online World. Ceresphere Consulting focuses on setting this stage for your online presence & more importantly on the growth of your business digitally. Contact us for assistance in the Digital space.


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